Friday, March 13, 2009

Choose Good Things for Your New Baby

Generally, parent are the baby's learning tool and we believe that every parents always want to give or choose the best things for their babies. Talking to your baby, playing with your baby, paying attention what interests to your baby, would be much helpful for the development of your baby's brain. Besides, reading is also the best way to create your baby's imagination. Bright colors, shapes, animals' picture, would be much attracted to their attention. Just adding your simply love to your baby is also the greatest thing to do!

Moreover, toys can be a great way to help the growth of your baby's brain. Those toys should be appropriated with their development as well. For example, infants, are most interest in movement and sound. So, shaking a brightly colored rattle or a key ring will stimulate them. When they grow a little older, we would recommend textural toys they can touch or squish in their hands, such as stuffed animals.

During the age of 24 to 36 months, you would help your child to create "real life" activities into play, such as drive a car, have a tea party, etc.

We do believe every parents would agree with us that every minute we share with our babies are very much wonderf

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