Saturday, January 21, 2017

6 Tips for Encouraging your Kid to Love Reading

Reading can help your kid create imagination and learn about his/her new worlds.  So, start encouraging your kid to love reading soonest possible would be great.  Here below are 6 tips to help you to do so.

1. Read a story to your kid with various voices, vivid movement or attractive acting.  This will help the story more fun and interesting. Your kid will enjoy the story from the beginning till the end.

2. You may notice what things your kid particularly likes. Then you may buy books that have stories associated with those things. Your kid will be more impressed and enjoy reading the story than before.

3. You may add reading activities into your daily routine activities; i.e. you may let your kid read labels of the snack or candy packages while shopping in the supermarket or read food menu when you go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

4. Arrange a book corner in your house with a nice atmosphere for reading.  There should be various kinds of books that your kid can read by himself/herself.  Besides, the book shelf should be in a position that your kid can pick up the books by himself/herself easily.  

5. Take your kid to the bookstore and let him/her choose his/her favorite books.  Or you may take your kid to the library regularly.  This can gradually create book lover to his/her mind.

6. Reading activities through play or games are ones of the best ways to encourage your kid to love reading because he/she will have both fun and learning at the same time.  For example, the games such as matching words with pictures will be much attractive to your kid. It may be simple words that are frequently used in everyday life.

It would take time to be a book lover.  Therefore, don't expect too much that your kid will be a book lover shortly.  I believe that following the above mentioned tips, your kid will gradually learn how to read and love reading finally.


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