Saturday, December 17, 2016

Guide to Choose Best Toys for your baby: from Birth to 1 Year Old

The arrival of your new baby is a magic time of your life.  From now on, each step of the development of your baby will be special moment for you. 

His/her first smile shall brighten your heart.  His/her first laugh can make you feel joyful.  His/her first word will make you happy.  When he/she starts walking, it will be a lovely moment for you.

To encourage your baby to do these activities, you are the most important factor because your baby will depend on you all the time since he/she was born or at his/her earlier age. 

In the meantime, these development skills should be practiced properly, therefore, toy is another necessary factor that will help your baby learn and grow through each steps of his/her development efficiently.  Best toys should be appropriate to your baby’s age.  For examples;

Best toys for your baby 0 – 6 months, you may choose musical toys such as:

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes
Baby Einstein Bendy Ball
Sassy Ring O’Link Rattles Developmental Toy
Lamaze Musical Inchworm

These toys will help your baby develop his/her listening and he/she will enjoy the music as well.

Best toys for your baby 6 – 12 months, choosing activities table will be a great idea because there are many things that can entertain and encourage your baby to explore, engage and interact.  Your baby can learn various things such as colors, numbers, shapes, etc.

Watching your baby grow will bring you the greatest pleasure.  Good luck!

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