Friday, November 11, 2016

8 Simple Activities that can Increase your Child's Concentration

We all know well that concentration is one of the best ways to help your child be smarter and best progress in his/her study and success in his/her work when he/she grows up.  There are 8 simple activities that I would like to suggest you to help increase your child's concentration.

At the beginning, you may help your child focus on simple activities that can help he/she learn how to solve the problem by himself/herself first such as eating, bathing, buttoning up his/her shirts, etc.  Then gradually increase more difficult activities such as doing housework, etc.  This is to stimulate your child's development in the decision and help him/her recognize his/her duties in his/her routine life.

Let's see how to practice and what activities that can help increase your Child's Concentration:

1) Reading books or fairy tales
This will help your child practice spelling words and focus on the letters or characters in the book.  It can also help him/her create imagination.  In case, if your child cannot read the books by himself/herself, you have to tell the stories for him.  This will help him/her to practice listening as well.

2) Listening to music is good for your child's concentration
This can help your child's mind be calm and reduce tension in the morning before going to school and in the evening when returning home.  Normally, classical music can enhance your child's memory and efficiently learning. 

3) Prepare a quiet and private area in your house particularly for your child to have some activities such as reading, doing homework, reviewing lessons, etc.

4) Arts such as drawing, painting or paper works are ones of the activities that can help increase your child's concentration.  Your child can practice using hands-eyes cooperation well.   He/she will enjoy creating his/her own art styles.

5) Buy toys or games, such as matching games, puzzles. lego blocks for your child, these can help your child concentrate on playing for a long time.

6) Let your child help you do some housework, such as watering plants, washing clothes, clean the floor, etc.  This will help him/her concentrate on doing those things till completed.

7) Nature such as trees, leaves, flowers, etc. can help increase your child's concentration.  You may teach your child to learn about the process of planting; i.e. watering, fertilizing, etc.  Your child will concentrate on observing the growth of the trees each day till the trees grow up.

8) Hobbies such as reading books, cycling, collecting stamps, etc. can help your child's mind be calm and concentrate on doing these activities and create self-confident.

Apart from these 8 activities that can help increase your child's concentration, another one important factor is that you should support and encourage the activities that your child is particularly interested in because this will attract him to do things at his/her utmost ability.

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