Saturday, November 5, 2016

5 Benefits of Play for Your Child

Naturally, most children love to play.  Play can help to expedite your child's developments in various fields.  Here below 5 benefits of play for your child: 

Enhance physical development
When your child plays; i.e. throwing the ball, cycling, rocking horse toy, these make his/her body be stronger because his/her muscles are well developed.  Besides, if your child plays with blocks, sorting, drawing or coloring frequently, these will help your child develop on hands-eyes coordination as well.

Promote brain development and intelligence
While your child plays, this can increase intelligence and encourage development in various fields; i.e. creativity, imagination, the ability to solve problems, etc.  Play can make your child learn many things around him/her and get more experience.   This will also develop their five senses.

Enhance emotional development
Your child is happy and in good mood while playing.  You will hear him/her laugh or see his/her bright smile. 

Help promote language development
While playing, your child would normally tell a story to you.  When you read a book to your child, he/she will talk with you or ask you some questions about the story.  It can help to develop your child's language very well.

Help promote social development
Apart from entertainment, playing can help your child learns to play with other children, learns to share, learns to wait, etc.

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