Monday, September 26, 2016

Tips to make your Baby be Happy every day

It's not difficult to make your baby happy every day if you understand the development of your baby and take good care of him/her with love.  Make him laugh and cheerful all day will also create a happiness in your family.  If your baby always has happy smile, he will be also in good mood all day long. 

Your baby in good health and good mood will certainly be ready to learn new things and have great development as well.  Smiling also is a great way to help your baby develop self-esteem and make him/her feel happy. His/her brain will be also well developed as well.

Sleeping well will create good mood for your baby. You should arrange your baby’s sleeping routine by taking him/her to bed and wake up at the same time every day.  Create good atmosphere for your baby's sleeping and no disturbing noises around your baby.  This will help your baby be happy when awaking.

Touch your baby with love.

Always play with your baby with laugh and fun.

Reading books to your baby before bed time.

Let your baby listen to soft music.

Sing sweet songs to your baby.

Let your baby see him/her in the mirror, he/she will smile and laugh happily.

Colorful hanging mobiles will make your baby smile and happy for hours.

Don't leave your baby hungry, otherwise, your baby will be in bad mood, cry a lot and not happy throughout the day.

I do really hope that these tips will be helpful for you to make your baby be happy every day.

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