Sunday, September 18, 2016

8 Best Toys for your Baby at 9 - 12 Months Old

Your baby at this age has more skills and he / she can grasp objects that are smaller than before.  He / she would love to play with toys that have many buttons for pushing or pulling.  He / She will also enjoy throwing things around and wait for you to get it back to him / her and he / she will throw it out again and again.  

Here below 8 best toys for your baby at 9 - 12 months old:

Color balls
You may buy color balls for him / her for throwing because this will help your baby develop his / her hands skills.  He / she will learn about cause and effect; i.e. everything would have to fall to the ground and doesn't hang in the air.

Pop up toys
Your baby can use his / her fingers to press the button and when the toys come out, he / she will laugh happily.  He / she will enjoy the toys for hours.

Musical toys
Naturally, most babies at this age like to make noices by themselves, so xylophone, piano, drum, are musical toys that your baby will love.  Your baby will certainly play the music at his / her own style that you never heard before.  It's really great, right?

Telephone Toys
Telephone toy is one of the most interesting toys that your baby will love to play with.  Your baby will enjoy pressing the buttons and the sounds will attract him / her for hours.

Bath Toys
Bath toys will keep your baby having fun at bath time.

Shape sorter
Triangle, rectangle or circle blocks will encourage your baby's skills and understanding about various shapes and colors.

Buy balls that have colorful colors and sounds for your baby to play with you; i.e. throwing into basket, playing in water, etc.

Push and ride toys
These toys will help your baby’s development of his / her balance while he / she tries to start walking.

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