Monday, May 23, 2016

Guides to Buy Best Gift for your Baby's First Birthday

It will probably be a hard time for you to choose the best gift for your baby’s first birthday, right?   But, if you learn more about the nature of 1 year-old baby, you will know what to buy for your own baby.  Let’s see.

First of all, most of 1 year-old babies love to practice walking and like to explore everything around them.  They will be excited to see new things.  That’s why they like to walk around the house all day.  So choosing toys that can help expedite your baby to walk will be an excellent idea.   Walker, shopping cart, mower toy, vacuum, train toy, push & pull toy are all good examples.  These toys will help your baby strengthen his muscles (arms and legs) while he moves around and increase the development of large and fine motor skills.   Besides, the toys can also help your baby control his direction / movement and improve his balance respectively.

Another great choice to think about for your baby’s first birthday’s gift is musical toy because most babies of this age love to make noices.   Toys such as xylophone, drum, hammer toy or musical table will delight your baby and can help him to learn about the different sounds.
Furthermore, I would suggest you to choose toy that can help your baby develop his hand-eyes coordination; i.e. blocks, sorting toy, soft balls, etc.  These toys should have bright colors to attract your baby’s interest as well.

Last but not least, you may buy picture books for your baby.  This would help him create his imagination or problem solving.  Your baby will enjoy and has better understanding about new things around him.

As playing is very important for your baby in developing his physical, social, emotion and intellectual, I am quite sure that you know now what to buy for your baby’s first birthday.   

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