Sunday, April 24, 2016

Top 10 Best Items for Your Baby Nursery

The first thing in your mind when preparing for your new baby’s arrival is a baby nursery.  The baby nursery should be comfortable for you and your baby because both of you will spend plenty of time in the room.

If your baby is a girl, I think the room should be decorated with sweet tones like pink, purple or yellow.  Besides, flowers, hearts, stars, animals should also be considered because they are most little girls' favorite things.  With these things, the baby nursery will be sweet and adorable room indeed.

If your baby is a boy, the most likely colors are blue, white, or green.   The super heroes like Batman or Superman would be decorated in the room.  These will be his favorite things for your baby boy, for sure.

By the way, top 10 best items that you should be considered for your baby nursery are listed as below:

1) Crib
Baby crib should be a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep.  And your baby should feel warm and cozy while sleeping.

2) Crib Mobile
Crib mobile can help your baby feel calm before he or she sleeps.  Besides, by the soft music, your baby will sleep throughout the night and have a sweet dream indeed.

3) Baby Monitor
While you are away from the baby nursery, you can be rest assure that your baby will be safe.  You will know whenever your baby wakes up or needs your help for any wet diapers or hungry.

4) Changing Table
It will be a comfortable place for you to change your baby’s diaper easily.  It should have drawers to keep all necessary things for your baby; i.e. clothes, diapers, baby powder, baby lotion, etc.

5) Night Light
Leaving your baby nursery with a soft night light will be a great idea.  It will help you to see in the night when checking in on your baby.  It will also ease for the midnight diaper change indeed.

6) Baby Nursery Rocking Chair Rocking your baby is one of the pleasure times of your life.  It will make a peaceful and comfortable time for both you and your baby.

7) Clothes Hampers
It will keep your baby’s dirty clothes nice and neat.

8) Storage baskets
There are a lot of things that your baby will use; i.e. clothes, burp clothes, crib sheets, stuffed animals, toys, etc.  So, storage baskets are the good places for them all.

9) Toys
Stuffed animals, rocking horses, wagons will provide tons of fun while you all, mom, dad and baby, stay together in the baby nursery.

10) Bouncy seat
The bouncy seat will help entertaining your baby for hours.

In short, these items will certainly create a lovely place for you and your baby!

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