Saturday, April 9, 2016

How to Survive with Your New Baby

After waiting for approx. 9 months, finally he/she comes!   Let's welcome your baby with your warm heart.  He/she has a perfect and beautiful little mouth, little ears, little eyes, little hands, feet, etc.  I think this is such the best part of a year for you, right? 

Having a baby is the great life-changing experience.  You will certainly forgot the difficulties of labor once you hold your little baby in your arms.  From now on, you will find your baby more exciting, more perfect, more wonderful than you ever dreamed.

At the beginning, all the new babies need are food, sleep and warmth.  The best food for your little baby is, of course, breastfeeding.  So, you have to eat good, clean and nutritious food.   Relaxing and sleeping well.

Now, you need to understand your baby's sign as he/she can't tell you exactly what he/she wants.  Although you find it difficult to handle this, you will certainly do your best to take care your baby with patience and love, right?

During the first few months, most of your time will be decided by your baby's demand.  You may have to sleep when your baby sleep, eat when your baby is full or cancel all other things as to take care only your baby whenever he/she wants. 

Your baby's eating, bathing, sleeping, crying would probably cause you some nervous, but whenever your little baby give one smile to you, that would sweep all nervous away.  Your baby loves you.  He/she likes your voice, like your conversation, etc.

I can say that all babies bring happiness and wonderful things to their parents.  Warmly welcome your new baby, the wonderful person in the world.

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