Tuesday, March 17, 2015

10 Best Toys as efficient Tools for Your baby's Learning

Being a mother is a miracle; your baby will change your whole life and you will get new experience every day.  Every development of your baby is very exciting and shall be highly admirable.

To help expedite your baby’s development, “toy” will be the first thing that you will think about, right?  As toys are efficient tools for your baby's learning, I would like to suggest you to choose wisely the following items :

1)  LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table  

Provide a world of learning and musical fun for your baby with the LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table.  This innovative toy is chock full of learning and musical activities designed to provide visual and auditory stimulation and motor skill development, as well as opportunities to learn about colors, the alphabet, and opposites for older children -- and much more.

It offers plenty of activities at different levels of learning to keep your baby entertained for these early developmental years. Your baby will delight in spinning the maraca to hear a fun rendition of the ABC song; playing the colored piano keys to practice motor skills and learn about colors; moving the trombone's slide to count to 10; and sliding the cello to learn about up and down. Kids can tap on the colorful drum and learn about colors and primary shapes, too. Then, by flipping the pages of the "book" to go from the Learning Mode to the Music Mode, your baby can hear more than 40 songs and melodies, including nursery rhymes and fun individual instrument sounds that will have him singing and dancing.

With all of these activities, your baby will exercise his memory and problem-solving skills with lots of things to push, pull, turn, open, and close. And with the flip of a switch, the songs and games switch from English to Spanish, offering a great introduction to foreign-language learning.

Snuggle up to learning with a true best friend! My Pal Violet is the lovable puppy who can learn your baby’s name and favorite things, for personalized daytime learning and nighttime comfort. Sing, play and move along to more than 40 songs and melodies. Personalize the learning in 15+ activities by teaching Scout your baby’s favorite food, animal and color. Scout will even help your baby spell his or her name!

My Pal Violet is easy to personalize, right in the box, with your smart phone, tablet or computer, so he can say your babys name the very first time they meet!  My Pal Scout teaches first words, feelings and emotions, counting and colors. He also features a lullaby timer with 5, 10 or 15 minutes of bedtime music, a blinking collar and volume control to help your little baby transition to quiet time.

From baby steps to big steps the Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker by VTech helps your baby develop from a crawler to a walker through adaptive technology. With a barnyard of playful friends to cheer him on, your little one will have endless fun as he learns to walk. Start out with the easy-to-remove activity panel for floor play or on-the-run fun, then step it up with the fun-to-maneuver walker. 

Spinning gears, five piano keys, three colorful rollers, three light-up shape sorters, three light-up buttons and a telephone handset offers endless fun that will stimulate your baby’s learning and develop his motor skills. The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker keeps your baby on track teaching shapes, colors, animals, music and more!

Lively music, fun sounds, bright colors and exciting popping action are all around the Poppity-Pop™ Musical Dino – and they’re helping to stimulate your baby’s senses! Grasping and dropping colorful balls into the dino for put and take play helps promote your little baby’s fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. And when balls pop out of the dino or roll out of his mouth, your baby can crawl after them, encouraging early development of gross motor skills, too!

This fun bundle includes Baby's First Blocks and Rock-a-stack classic toys. Baby's First Blocks comes with 5 shapes to sort with a total of 10 colorful shaped blocks. The sturdy, storage bucket with shape-sorting lid has a handle for on-the-go fun. 

With the Rock-a-stack, your baby can sort and stack the rings, then bat at the base to watch it rock back and forth. Bright colors, shiny reflections and swirling beads add to the fun of this classic toy.


This floppy-eared elephant pal is a great way to encourage your little baby to bounce, walk and scoot along. While your baby’s having fun, important skills are developing. Bouncing, walking and riding all help your baby develop gross motor skills, balance and coordination. 

Your little one’s also discovering that actions make things happen. The elephant’s soft ears move as your baby moves, the rollerball rattles when batted, the bumblebee wobbles, and the big buttons light up when touched – all great introductions to cause & effect! The bright colors, soft-fabric ears, and lights, sounds and music all help stimulate your baby’s senses of sight, sound & touch, too.

There’s so much to discover: a monkey to bat at, a roller ball, teether, a spinning penguin, froggy teether, mirror, a piano to play, and more. And of course, music, sounds and lights reward your baby’s jumps! 

More play leads to more learning – and so does jumping around. As your baby moves and jumps, gross motor skills are strengthened. Exploring busy activities introduces your baby to cause and effect – learning how to make things happen. And colorful toys, fun sounds and music all enhance your baby’s developing senses.


You’ve got mail, baby! And loads of learning fun, with adorable characters, rich music and sing-along songs, and lots of busy activities delivered by the Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Learning Letters Mailbox. Over 20 sing-along songs, tunes, and phrases teach your baby numbers, counting, opposites, greetings and more. A parcel to shake and rattle, 3 letters to mail, and plenty of bat-at, spinning, peek-a-boo, put-and-take play keep your baby entertained.

Your little baby can rock out with his very own Baby Grand Piano! This pint-sized piano teaches numbers and colors, as well as exposes him to musical concepts like tempo, pitch and style.  Your baby is encouraged to play and learn with the eight light-up keys and four activities with four songs led by a dancing character and "magic" music book. Features three modes: Learning, Musical Fun and Imagination.

A classic toy is updated for today in the Roll-A-Rounds Swirlin' Surprise Gumball Toy. This cheerful, brightly colored design by Fisher Price features a clicker "coin" slot and 4 brightly colored balls. Your baby simply drops each ball into the machine and presses the lever to activate music and lights. A tray at the bottom lets your baby catch each ball after it swirls down the spiral.

I'm sure that your baby will find endless joy with these toys I recommended above. 




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