Monday, March 23, 2015

10 Best Teething Toys to Help your Baby Relief from Pain

When your baby starts teething, he would like to chew everything.  His gums would get much painful.  Massaging his gums is one way to get relief from the pain and teething toys would help the massaging easier.

Here below is 10 best teething toys for your baby: 

The soft, pliable loops are BPA-free for teething or gumming baby.  Winkel can also be refrigerated to provide a more soothing experience for particularly sore baby gums and teeth.  

Sophie the Giraffe is very flexible and has lots of parts for baby to chew like ears, horns, legs.  She is perfect for soothing baby's sore gum when teething and is completely safe.  Made of 100% natural rubber and food paint. 

Nuby’s BPA FREE IcyBite teething keys are ideal for when front teeth first start to show. When placed in the refrigerator the purICE Gel allows the teether to stay cooler for longer. The cool textured surfaces soothe and stimulate sore gums safely. The teething nubs help massage tender gums. The bright colorful shapes stimulate your baby visually and help with hand eye coordination.

This toy gives baby 4 gentle teething surfaces to find just the right soothing sensation for irritated gums. The twistable, colorful design and rattle sounds also make it an excellent developmental toy that baby find irresistible for learning fun. It's so clever and helpful.

Nuby’s BPA FREE Wacky Teething Ring features a variety of raised, offset surfaces that assist in the eruption of teeth by gently massaging your infant's gums. Each of the textures has been specially designed for the front, middle and back teeth. 

Step 1- Front Teeth: Skin Soft Silicone uniquely developed for beginning teethers. Silicone bristles gently massage tender gums and aids in the break through of new teeth. Step 2- Middle Teeth: Introduces greater press with large teething surfaces to aid in the eruption of new teeth. Step 3- Back Teeth: Firm surfaces and Massaging Nub-eez offer greatest pressure and assistance in this teething stage. 

The Wacky Teething Ring is sized for maximum effectiveness and is easy for your baby to hold. The soft, colorful fabric crinkles with your baby's touch!


These specially-designed baby teether rings feature BPA FREE, FDA Approved pliable food-grade silicone. The special ridge-design surface helps develop your baby's motor & play skills, while providing safe, soothing relief from aching gums and teeth. 

Playful and child friendly, this teether offers a different kind of comfort.  The textured chewable star points produce a safe, soothing vibration whenever the child bites down on them. It's powered by a small long life battery that's sealed inside.

So many textures for baby to explore! Have fun with this sterilized water-filled teether as baby feels, sees and mouths. This satisfies a variety of different feeling plastics from soft to hard water-filled. You can even chill flutterby for a cooling effect for baby's inflamed gums when baby is teething, The high-contrast symmetrical face helps calm young babies.

Your little star is sure to love this star. Our Star Teething Blanket offers multiple teething surfaces soft terry cloth, crinkly satin, and chewy soft textures for maximum relief. It's lightweight, easy-to-grasp and features an attach-a-loop for portability. And for extra fun, there's a squeaker in one of the points.

We also strive for our full range to not only function effectively, but be safe, affordable, and look great too. This fish-shaped teether is made out of 100% silicone.

Please be assured that these teething toys will help your baby relief from pain while playing with them accordingly.


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