Thursday, January 23, 2014

Choosing Toys for Your Baby at 6 Months Old

You may not believe, your baby at this age has started many activities now; i.e. he may start to sit up alone, he may creep forward or backward, he may roll from his back to his stomach, etc.   Besides, he starts to recognize people and things around him.  

Your baby at this age may like to play almost anytime and playing with toys is surely his favorite activity.   You, therefore, can help encourage his learning through play.  

The following toys can entertain your baby while playing and help him in learning the important developmental skills.

1)   LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table (Frustration Free Packaging)  

It’s the ultimate musical activity table with hundreds of songs and audio responses, activity stations and numerous ways of play keep your baby busy learning!

The table features fun musical activity stations! Piano, where your baby can explore music notes, melodies, numbers & colors! Drum for your baby to tap for a musical light show & learn about shapes, numbers, colors & more! 

Plus it includes 5 interactive animals. A monkey: Spin the guitar for motor skill fun! Tiger: Slide music notes to learn about opposites & hear silly sounds! Hippo: Movable mouth for songs, mirror fun & peek-a-boo play! Giraffe: Flip the page for ABC or 1-2-3 activities! Fish: Bat the spinner to see it rattle & roll! This LeapFrog product is durable and perfect sitting, standing or cruising children ages 6-36 months.

2)  LeapFrog My Pal Scout

Give learning a personal touch with a soft, cuddly puppy pal. Scout is a plush, interactive learning toy that can be personalized to learn your baby’s name and favorite songs, colors, food and more.

Enjoyable music, sing-along songs, and lullabies are always available at the press of a paw. Press the Daytime Songs paw to sing along with up to five different, active, upbeat songs.

When it’s time to wind down from the day’s adventures, press the Lullabies paw to hear soothing lullaby music. These mellow tunes transition from a day of active learning to quiet naptime or nighttime.

3)   Fisher-Price Stack 'n Surprise Blocks Musical Croc Block Wagon

It’s a wagon full of musical building fun. Your baby can stack blocks on the crocodile’s back for peek-a-boo, pop-up action. Or enjoy put-and-take play, feeding blocks to the hungry croc for musical rewards. And when your baby’s ready to walk, flip out the handle to pull it along. 

Includes six peek-a-boo, pop-up blocks to stack, with plenty of storage space inside and lots of building surfaces from tip to tale. Your baby can bat at the croc’s googly eyes, or discover a squeaky surprise in his tale. 

Stimulating the Senses: 1) Bright colors, smiling faces, rolling eyes and pop-up action offer visual stimulation. 2) Fun music and sounds stimulate auditory skills.

Enhances Learning Through Discovery: 1) Lets your baby make things happen, encouraging understanding of cause and effect. 2) Encourages thinking skills as your baby figures out how to stack blocks and anticipate surprises. 

Encourages Developing Motor Skills: 1) Builds fine motor skills as your baby grasps and stacks blocks or places them in the croc’s mouth. 2) Enhances balance, coordination and gross motor skills as your baby learns to pull the wagon.

4)  Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Poppity-Pop Musical Dino

Pop into playtime fun with the Fisher-Price® Poppity-Pop™ Musical Dino! Featuring an adorable dinosaur character and 6 brightly colored balls that pop and roll all around, the Musical Dino is the perfect play date pal.  Your baby will love playing along to the lively music and ball-popping fun. Features include lively music (8 fun tunes) & ball popping fun with 6 colorful balls. Drop a ball down the dino’s tail or onto his back to start the fun. Encourages gross motor skills & stimulates your baby’s senses.

Your baby activates the fun by batting at the roller, dropping a ball down the dino's tail or onto his "back” to start the popping fun and music. As the balls pop up, down and around, your baby will love collecting them all and starting the fun all over again. And when an occasional ball pops up and out of the friendly dino’s back, your baby can crawl along to chase after it! With eight fun tunes and six colorful balls baby’s the fun pops up everywhere!

5)   VTech Move and crawl Ball -FFP

Chocked full of fun things to press, pull, spin and feel -- the Move & Crawl Ball introduces shapes, numbers, animals and animal sounds to your happy baby.  Your busy baby will have a ball with this fun, interactive electronic learning toy. 

Play songs, give the ladybug a spin or press the flashing light. The Move & Crawl Ball even has satin ribbons for tactile stimulation. Plus, equipped with a sensor, the Move & Crawl Ball wobbles and wiggles with baby's every giggle!

6)  Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

Ten colorful blocks for your baby to sort, stack and drop. Filling the bucket with blocks, dumping them out, and starting over is great for eye-hand coordination and other early skills.

Then your baby can move on to stacking and matching, and sorting the five different block shapes through the shape-sorting lid. All 10 blocks fit inside the bucket, with a carry handle for easy take-along.  

Developmental benefits for your baby:

Helps your baby learn through everyday experiences. 1) Helps your baby learn to identify and sort shapes and colors. 2) Enhances problem-solving skills with put and take play, stacking and sorting.

Motivating imagination- 1) Encourages creative thinking as your baby discovers new ways to play with blocks. 2) Bright colors and interesting shapes intrigue your baby.

Encourages developing motor skills- 1) Placing blocks in bucket strengthens eye-hand coordination. 2) Grasping and sorting blocks develops finger and hand dexterity.

7)  Earlyears Roll n Swirl Ball Ramp

5-tier colorful busy ball drop will mesmerize your baby for hours as the 3 whirly, swirly balls race down the tower shoot. Encourages repeated play, tower easily builds up and breaks down in a snap. Heavy duty acylic balls containing beads rattle when rolled or dropped.

8)  Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Kitchen

Cook up some learning fun with busy activities inside and out, front and back. Open and close the refrigerator, flip the light switch, stir the soup, check to see what's cooking in the oven … all while enjoying music, sounds, light-up fun, four modes of play, and more than 20 sing-along songs and musical activities! 

Helps your baby learn through everyday experiences! Promotes understanding of objects, numbers, letters, colors and shapes, Teaches in English and Spanish, Expands vocabulary with new words and greetings, Fosters thinking skills and encourages problem-solving with numerous action/reaction activities, Reinforces learning concepts through delightful music, sounds and songs. Teaches: Letters, A-Z, Numbers and Counting, Spanish Words, Shapes, Colors, Opposites, Greetings, Manners and more!

Set a space for fun, learning and sharing. The Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket helps your baby explore shapes, colors/colours, manners and more. Over 30 audio responses encourage pretend play, and the 14-piece set helps your baby build motor skills as he sorts, matches, stacks, empties and fills.

10)  Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car helps your little baby develop gross motor skills by encouraging your baby to crawl and cruise inside and around the car to shape sort, honk the horn, light-up the baby “GPS”, move the windshield wipers and more. 

In addition, your baby will enjoy busy activities and sing-along songs that introduce learning topics that include letters, numbers, colors, first words and greetings.  Your baby’s sense of curiosity and discover is enhanced as your baby imitates real-life car actions and learns that his actions can make things happen. Putting words to what’s happening with a toy helps your little baby understand the concepts behind language. Try words like over & under, open & close, in & out, up & down.

Choosing the right toys for your baby will help his development.  Let’s buy one out of the above mentioned toys, your baby will certainly be happy.

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