Wednesday, January 29, 2014

10 Best Play Mats that Help Your Baby's Development

Tummy time is an important activity for your baby’s development.  Your baby would learn how to move his body and gain the necessary physical strength for rolling over, sitting up, and crawling.  Besides the physical benefits of tummy time, giving your baby playtime on his belly will help minimize any flat spots on his head that may have come from sleeping on his back.

Play mats can provide great environment for your baby's tummy time, I would like to recommend you 10 baby play mats which are best for this activity:

1)  Bestever Baby Mat, Butterfly

Bestever Baby Mats are silky smooth and snuggle perfect for tummy time, naptime, playtime, anytime.  These large mats make an ideal floor cushion for your baby and is a cute and convenient way to protect your baby from the floor.  The 31" mat provides plenty of cushy comfort while your baby naps or plays. 

2)  Tiny Love Tummy Time Fun Activity Mat, Frog

Tummy Time Fun Frog is an activity center that is designed to encourage extended tummy time play. It is portable and great when you are on the go. The tummy time fun frog pillow and mat includes a comfortable padded play mat, a tummy time pillow and a large mirror.

3)  Lamaze Spin & Explore Garden Gym

The Spin and Explore offers both you and your baby a soft and safe space to make tummy time a pleasurable part of everyday activities.  Your baby can gently and comfortably spin around on his tummy, stretching and strengthening his upper and lower body while enjoying lots of squeaky, crinkly, tactile fun. 

After your baby can sit up on his own, you can remove the spinner and let him take advantage of the other visually and physically stimulating features, like the peek-a-boo leaf flap and mirror.

4)  Bright Starts Tummy Cruiser Prop & Play Mat - Blue

Tummy Time has never been so fun. The Soft padded car shaped mat encourages tummy time play. Activity Dashboard features steering wheel that turns and clicks, crinkle flap, and a baby safe mirror. Removable prop pillow features ring rattle and water-filled teether keys . 1 car shaped link and 4 toy loops to attach more toys. 

5)  Infantino Surfboard Tummy Time Mat Blue


Tiny wave riders agree that Surfboard Tummy Time Mat is just beach!  This surfboard-themed play mat includes a detachable prop-up pillow, linkable plush play pals and a mini-aquarium with three floating sea creatures. And the growth chart is a perfect way to measure little sea squirts as they play!

6)  Infantino Right Angle Tummy Triangle


Developed with Pediatriac Occupational Therapists, our Right Angle Tummy Triangle is uniquely angled to help your baby enjoy tummy time. The incline uses gravity to comfortably develop upper body strength and promote your baby's sense of balance. The peek a boo mirror and crinkly busy bee encourage reaching, grabbing...and lots of laughing. Includes machine washable cover and musical timer that plays for 1, 5 or 10 minutes.

7)  Lamaze Spin and Explore The Sea

Spin and explore the Sea Gym puts a unique spin on tummy time play. This is an important developmental phase for all newborns. The new oversized cushioned base is shaped like a surfboard while brightly colored fish, turtles, and even a dolphin swim around keeping your baby stimulated. 

It is also removable and allows your baby to comfortably spin around on his tummy, stretching and building upper body while exploring lot of squeaky, crinkly, tactile fun. The fun features include mirror starfish for self-discovery, crinkle peek a boo flaps, a squeaker and rattle for auditory development, and loops to easily attach additional toys.

8)  Skip Hop Tummy Time Mat, Hug and Hide Owl

Soft, padded mat for tummy time play. Tummy time is naturally fun with this adorable mat from Skip Hop. This quilted mat is shaped like an owl and features a variety of fun textures and patterns. It comes with a supportive tummy time pillow and includes two developmental toys.

9)  Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop and Play Mat, Little Blooms

The Bright Starts tiny turtle and friends prop and play mat is a soft, play area designed to encourage healthy tummy time play and exercise.

10)  Boppy Tummy Play Pad, Stripe A Dot

Create the perfect playtime. The new Boppy SlideLine collection is designed to support baby's natural development. The patent pending SlideLine system creates a customized environment for your baby by allowing toys to be perfectly placed (and moved). The tummy play pad makes doctor recommended tummy time comfy and colorful. The Tummy Play Pad comes with a mini Boppy Pillow and three adorable toys.

I can guarantee you that these play mats will help on your baby’s development and your baby will be surely fun and happy for hours as well.  Let’s choose the best play mat out of these 10 items for him!






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