Thursday, October 3, 2013

10 Best Toys for Your Baby Boy 6-12 Month Olds

Playing is not only for your baby’s entertainment, but it’s also for his learning’s and developing process.  But one question that will be in your mind when you plan to purchase toys for your baby is which toys are the best? 

I would like to list 10 toys that are best for your baby boy 6-12 month olds, as below :

1)  Fisher Price Roll-a-Rounds Swirlin Surprise Gumballs

This cheerful, brightly colored design by Fisher Price features a clicker "coin" slot and 4 brightly colored balls.  Your baby simply drops each ball into the machine and presses the lever to activate music and lights. A tray at the bottom lets your baby catch each ball after it swirls down the spiral. 

2)  Infantino Activity Triangle

It has fun activities on every sides and has different feeling in different parts.  The multiple and bright colors on the toys will make it very attractive to your baby.  There is a lot to push, pull and spin.  This toy is great for improving dexterity (for hands and feet) and teaching cause and effect.

3) Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Little Super Star Classical Stacker

Four sparkly stars become cause for celebration as your baby stacks them. Lights dance, music plays, and your baby is sure to smile!  Plays three classical tunes and two favorite children’s songs.

4)  Earlyears Roll n Swirl Ball Ramp


5 tier colorful busy ball drop will mesmerize your baby for hours as the 3 whirly, swirly balls race down the tower shoot. Encourages repeated play, tower easily builds up and breaks down in a snap. Heavy duty acylic balls containing beads rattle when rolled or dropped.

5)  Playskool Explore `N` Grow Busy Ball Popper

The Playskool Explore and Grow Busy Ball Popper is a great put-and-take adventure for your infant or toddler.  The Busy Ball Popper will have your baby popping the bright, colorful balls into a fun frenzy as they are air-popped out of the lower tube. The ball spinner/popper provides a fun sensorial experience, and includes fun, upbeat music to match the bright colorful characters.

6)  Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Workbench

It’s time to build and play! The Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Learning Workbench takes fun and comprehension from the foundation to the penthouse! Playtime just got a major renovation, and the end product is industrious fun that lasts for hours.  Your baby can pound, tap, spin, slide and drill while exploring the alphabet, counting, shapes, colors, opposites and actions, all from his very own workbench.'

7)  Fisher-Price Chase & Race Town

Spin and race, chase and crash, hear fun sounds and see lights flash! It’s a whole town full of racing action, with three spinning discs, two easy-grasp vehicles, and plenty of exciting fun! 

Grasping cars & dropping them into police station or gas station enhances fine motor skills. As your baby bats rollers & moves the gearshift, fun things happen, encouraging thinking skills & understanding of cause & effect. Stimulates senses with fun music, sounds & lights.

8)  Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table

The Fun With Friends Musical Table has over 50 songs, tunes and musical activities and four corners full of learning fun.  Each corner of the table has an interactive, light-up character inviting your baby to explore all around the table!  Your baby can learn letters, numbers, counting, first words, colors, shapes, opposites, animals and much more—in English and Spanish, with four different modes to choose from. Lots of activities, lots of songs, and even bilingual learning in an age-appropriate way!

Power up a world of learning fun with a baby-appropriate laptop that's just your baby's size. Nine colorful keys are easy to press, bringing learning to life on the animated screen so your baby can learn numbers, shapes, colors, object names, initial letters and more. Flip the lid open and closed, or bat and roll the mouse for alphabet fun. Plenty of sing-along songs, words, sounds and exciting activities, in both English and Spanish.
10) Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Click'n Learn Remote

Put your baby in control of the fun—with a remote that's just his size. Realistic styling inspires role play, while sing-along songs, tunes and phrases help your baby learn about numbers, colors, opposites, shapes and more.

I can guarantee you that these toys have a lot of activities to help your baby learn about cause and effect and encourage other learning while playing.  They are best especially for your baby boy 6-12 month olds indeed.

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