Saturday, October 19, 2013

10 Essential Items Should be Prepared for Your New Baby

There will be full of task that will make you very busy during the first few weeks after the birth of your baby; i.e. diaper changing, feeding, rocking, burping, etc.

I, therefore, would like to suggest you 10 essential items that should be prepared for your new baby prior to the birth, for your choices :

1)  Baby Clothes :  Baby clothes should be soft and comfort for your baby. It should be also easy to change the diapers as well.

2) Pampers Swaddlers Newborn 240 Diapers (12 packs of 20)

Pamper Swaddlers wraps your baby in comfort and security from the start. Swaddlers New Baby diapers are the no.1 choice of hospitals with Blankie Soft for superior comfort. Parents like Pampers Swaddlers' Grow-With-Me fit, their stretchy sides and their soft overlapping tabs, which they say provides a snug, comfortable fit. Pampers Swaddlers also have extra padding in the back, since they're meant for inactive babies who spend more time on their backs, rather than toddlers. Swaddlers also feature a fold-down front section to accommodate a newborn's sensitive navel area

3)   Stroller :  Stroller is one of essential items for your baby until he is able to walk by himself.  We can say that stroller acts like the first car of your baby.  Stroller will keep your baby secure and comfortable while you can travel or work freely.

4)  Crib : As your new baby naps very often during day and night, safety is the most important decision when purchasing your baby's bed.

5)  Baby monitor :  Baby monitor will help you to be more convenient while leaving your baby alone for some housework such as cooking, cleaning or taking a bath, etc.  You can hear and see your baby everywhere you go in the house and rest assure that you can go to your baby and attend to his need once he begins to fuss a little.

6)  Baby Cradle Swing : It's lovely to hold and cradle your baby in your arms, but sometimes you may need to put your baby down and take a break! This is why a baby cradle swing is also essential for you. 

Baby cradle swing will help you to have free time while rocking your baby to sleep.  It will work magically; it provides a comfortable, safe place for your baby, with soothing, rocking motions to help maintain a very important sense of security and calm.

7)  Baby Crib Mobile :  It will be very relaxing for your baby to fall asleep with soft lullaby from baby crib mobile. 

8)  Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym

Bring the exciting world of the rainforest to life with the Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym. This fun, interactive, and educational activity centers encourages healthy development while entertaining and calming your baby.  This bright and cheery activity center has a soft quilt and offers music, lights, and nature sounds to keep your baby safely occupied.

It has colorful arches supported by an adorable giraffe. A variety of links let you attach toys up above or down below to capture your baby's attention. A cushy monkey, jingly toucan, cute elephant, and parrot with spinning paddle invite your baby to bat them around, an action that helps develop gross motor skills. You can also place your baby on his stomach for some back-strengthening "tummy time." For added excitement, there's a spinner with rattling beads, spinning butterflies, a shiny mirror, and a crinkly leaf.

9)  Baby Bath Tub :

Baby's bath time should be a fun and relaxing experience that generates happy memories for years to come.  Make bath time a special occasion that your baby will grow to love by providing him with a safe, comfortable environment in which to relax and enjoy being pampered by you. 
10)  Baby Bottles :

The Philips AVENT Classic Infant Starter Kit has everything you need to keep your baby fed and soothed. Each of the four BPA-free Classic bottles in this kit features a clinically proven anti-colic valve for less air in a baby's tummy and a more comfortable feeding experience. Designed to grow with babies, this kit comes with Classic nipples, a bottle-to-first-cup trainer, a milk powder dispenser that's great for traveling, a bottle-cleaning brush, and a newborn silicone pacifier.

By the way, there are a few other items that would be helpful for you and your baby, you may find those items in our other articles.  Good luck!

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