Saturday, September 21, 2013

10 Best Toys for 1 Year Old Baby

Shopping for 1 year old baby would be wonderful experience because there are a lot of toys in the market and it’s much exciting for you to choose which ones are the best.  Toys that can entertain and educate baby in the meantime will be great.

Here below 10 best toys for 1 year old baby for your consideration:

1) Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Screen Laptop

Power up a world of learning fun with a baby-appropriate laptop that's just baby's size. Nine colorful keys are easy to press, bringing learning to life on the animated screen so baby can learn numbers, shapes, colors, object names, initial letters and more. Flip the lid open and closed, or bat and roll the mouse for alphabet fun. Plenty of sing-along songs, words, sounds and exciting activities, in both English and Spanish. 

2)  Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table

The falling water action from this Waterwheel Play Table encourages creative exploration with cause and effect learning. This imaginative water play center encourages hours of outdoor fun. Pour water into the wide funnel, and activate the water wheel which then spills into the inner and outer harbors. 

These unique interactive learning toys directly respond to what your baby does naturally – play! Using innovative technology, these toys react to baby’s interactions, making each play experience fun and unique as he learns age-appropriate concepts like first words, numbers, shapes, colors and music. More importantly, VTech’s Infant Learning toys develop baby’s mental and physical abilities by inspiring, engaging and teaching.

4)  Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn: Learning Piggy Bank

Count on plenty of learning fun and musical rewards with this delightful friend. Baby will learn about counting, colors, animals and sizes with songs, music, speech, and activities that respond to baby.

There are 10 colorful coins to drop into the slot while counting along, comparing big and small, and discovering mommy and baby animals. Press the piggy’s snout for musical responses, open the door for put-and-take play, and enjoy fun sing-along songs.

Make learning more fun with the Laugh & Learn collection of toys. With rich music, sing-along songs, and lots of activities, they combine early academics and everyday experiences—for the way kids really learn!

5)  LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table


Provide a world of learning and musical fun for baby with the LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table. This innovative toy is chock full of learning and musical activities designed to provide visual and auditory stimulation and motor skill development, as well as opportunities to learn about colors, the alphabet, and opposites for older children -- and much more.

6)  Fisher-Price Lil' Zoomers Spinnin' Sounds Speedway

Ready, set, spin. Baby will love the put-and-take fun of placing two cool race cars on the ramp. They roll down and around on the swirling, light-up raceway, then, surprise. The spinning action sends each car out to the exit ramp and under the spinning flag. 

Or baby can pull the gearshift to start the fun. Zooming speedway sounds, lively music and five flashing lights ramp up the excitement, with a winner every time. Enhances Learning Through Discovery: Strengthens problem-solving skills
7)  Playskool Explore `N` Grow Busy Ball Popper

The Playskool Explore and Grow Busy Ball Popper is a great put-and-take adventure for your infant or toddler.  The Busy Ball Popper will have your child popping the bright, colorful balls into a fun frenzy as they are air-popped out of the lower tube. The ball spinner/popper provides a fun sensorial experience, and includes fun, upbeat music to match the bright colorful characters.

8)  Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper


This toy will make baby like no other toy.  It will encourage baby to walk.  The popping brings so much joy.  It's FANTASTIC!

9)  Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen

Cook up some learning fun with busy activities inside and out, front and back. Open and close the refrigerator, flip the light switch, stir the soup, check to see what's cooking in the oven … all while enjoying music, sounds, light-up fun, four modes of play, and more than 20 sing-along songs and musical activities! 

Helps baby learn through everyday experiences! Promotes understanding of objects, numbers, letters, colors and shapes, Teaches in English and Spanish, Expands vocabulary with new words and greetings, Fosters thinking skills and encourages problem-solving with numerous action/reaction activities, Reinforces learning concepts through delightful music, sounds and songs. Teaches: Letters, A-Z, Numbers and Counting, Spanish Words, Shapes, Colors, Opposites, Greetings, Manners and more!
10) Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Say Please Tea Set

Children love to have tea parties with siblings, parents, friends, and their favorite dolls or stuffed animal companions. This Say Please tea set is a delightful way to introduce babies and toddlers aged 6-36 months to pretend play and sharing, while helping them learn important skills like counting, shapes, opposites, good manners, and more!

I hope you find these items interesting and choose one out of the 10 best toys to be a special gift for 1 year old baby.

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