Saturday, August 3, 2013

5 Best Pretend Toys for Your Child

Role playing is a reflection of the processes of children's brain.  It is the basis of creation and imagination.  Children will benefit greatly from this type of play.  Besides, while playing the roll, children would normally feel relaxed.

I think pretend toys would much help your son or daughter to develop this process.  Here below. I would like to recommend you 5 best pretend toys for your child :

1)  Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace


The Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace is a place where imagination lives and grows! Your little one will love re-enacting familiar scenes from the Disney movies she's scene. And soon enough, you'll see her creating stories of her own!

As she plays with the princesses in the palace, she'll begin to understand spatial relationships - "on" or "off" the dance floor, "up" or "down" the elevator, "open" or "close" the door and so much more! 

She'll delight in placing a princess on the pedestal on the Magic Dance Floor to hear her say her name, phrase or sing a classic Disney song. And at the same time, she'll be learning that her actions can make things happen!

The Say Please Tea Set’s classic theme introduces your child to early role play and social skills. Sing-along songs & phrases help your child learn about manners and sharing. 

Tea Set comes with three teatime treats shaped like a circle, triangle and square, which fit perfectly on matching sections of the serving plate. This encourages shape sorting and problem-solving play. 

To help make the most of your teatime together, try talking to your child as you play, to help her associate words with actions. “I’m pouring tea into the cup. Can you open the lid?” Or count the treats as you show your kid how to place them on the tray. Then let her give it a try. Best of all, invite friends (like dolls) to share in the fun of a tea party. Be sure to use extra-nice manners, and make sure to say, “Please!”

Count on plenty of learning fun and musical rewards with this delightful friend.  Your child will learn about counting, colors, animals and sizes with songs, music, speech, and activities that respond to your child. 

There are 10 colorful coins to drop into the slot while counting along, comparing big and small, and discovering mommy and baby animals. Press the piggy’s snout for musical responses, open the door for put-and-take play, and enjoy fun sing-along songs. 

Make learning more fun with the Laugh & Learn collection of toys. With rich music, sing-along songs, and lots of activities, they combine early academics and everyday experiences—for the way your child really learns!

4)  Fisher-Price Drillin' Action Tool Set


Little do-it-yourselfer will love working alongside Dad (or Mom) with his very own working drill!  Drill & remove screws with forward & reverse drilling action with sound! There is even an interchangeable drill bit just like Dads power tools. Use the hammer to pound nails into the take-along caddy which is great for storage too!

5)  Fisher-Price Bubble Mower


The Fisher-Price all new Bubble Mower will keep bubbles blowing’ for a whole lot of mowing’! Your child will feel just like a grown-up when they turn the electric start key, push the realistic throttle and “mow” almost anywhere thanks to all –terrain tires that give tougher traction on long grass, gravel and carpet.

Your child’ll push, pull and twist the life-like controls, love the charming motor sounds and be fascinated by the steady stream of bubbles. In fact, there’s so much fun going on that even without the bubbles –for inside play – the Fisher-Price Bubble Mower is guaranteed to keep your child moving and smiling for years. 

With or without bubbles, inside or outside, your child will love pushing the Bubble Mower around, hearing the pleasant “engine” noise, and feeling like he's just like Mom or Dad. And grown-ups will love how sturdy, stable and durable the Bubble Mower is – a toy made for years of fun!

Hope you find these pretend toys interesting and I would like to guarantee you that these 5 pretend toys are best for your child indeed!


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