Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Ways to Practice Your Baby Listening

Listening is the cornerstone of the language.   We can say that speech and language of your baby will be good or not, it will be based on the listening of your baby.  
For the first year, your baby will start to learn and remember the different sounds. He can identify the source of sound, especially your sounds, as parents.

Let’s training your baby now!   Here below you will find 5 ways to practice your
baby listening :

1.  Toys :   choose toys that have various sounds for your baby and let him learn by himself  how to play the sound.

2.  Talk to your baby regularly. The sentences should be short and simple. 

3.  If you see that your baby pays special attention at something, i.e. if he stares at a cat attentively, you may say to your baby “This is a cat”.  By this way, your baby can match the image of the cat with the sound you tell to him.

4.  Use the same word in various sentences; i.e. a baby elephant, a big elephant, where is an elephant, an elephant on the ball, etc.

5.  Singing, reading, listening to your baby frequently, along with the illustrations as well.

Good luck!


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