Friday, June 1, 2012

Five Necessary Items that should be Prepared for Your New Baby

The birth of your baby will be a wonderful time for you and your whole family and you will have to shop a lot of things prior to the birth, right? 

As to help you to save your time, I listed here below five necessary items that should be  prepared for your new baby, for your guide line :

1)  Crib :  It is the important items that should be chosen carefully because your baby will spend most of his or her time in the crib.  Choose the crib that is comfortable and safe for your baby.

2)  Bottles :  If you plan on breastfeeding, so this item will not be necessary for you.  In the meantime, if things don't go as planned, then the bottles will be the most necessary item.
You should have 6 - 7 bottles plus nipples; i.e. 5 ounces is a recommended size.

3)  Diapers :  You will have to look for a large box of disposable diapers for your new baby.

4)  Bath Tub :  The bath tub should be comfortable and convenient for you and your baby so you can create a fun and relaxing experience with your baby during bath time.  This will be a happy hour indeed.

5)  Car Seat :   Choose car seat that will be safe and comfortable for your baby while traveling.   Besides, car seat should face the rear of the car for protection in case of car accident.

These are only five items that should be prepared for your new baby, there are other things that I will listed for you later.  Good luck!

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