Sunday, April 1, 2012

10 Simple Ways to Help Your Baby Smart

Every parents wish their babies to be healthy, pretty and smart.  I, therefore, would like to recommend you 10 simple ways to help your baby smart as well.

1)  Breast Feeding :  generally, children were breastfed for 8 - 9 months would be wise than children who eat only 1 - 2 months because the nutrients in breast milk; i.e. Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat, Vitamin, Mineral, is useful for your baby's brain and important to the growth of your baby as well.

2)  Choosing good food with good nutrients; i.e. milk, eggs, meat, it contains protein which help your baby's body grows stronger and has good immunity.  Rice, flour, taro, it contains carbohydrates which is beneficial to the activities of your baby.  Fruits and Vegetables, it contains vitamins and minerals which helps strengthen the various organs of your baby's body.  Oils and fats from plants and animals can give warmth and energy to the body of your baby.  When your baby's body is ready, learning can be developed fully and effectively accordingly.

3)  Playing with your baby :  it is very best if you and your baby play together.  Your baby will be very happy and that will help to develop intelligence and stimulate learning with your baby.

4)  Take your baby a walk outside; i.e. take your baby to the park on weekend, bring your baby to supermarket for shopping, etc.  This will help your baby have a good learning experience and good observation as well.

5)  Singing and dancing :  rhythm and music will help to improve the intelligence of your baby directly.

6)  Reading :  reading is the gateway to the wise that no one can argue.  Therefore, you should encourage your baby to read books and spend time with your baby.  Even your baby cannot read it, you can read stories from baby books to your baby every day.  Or choosing best picture books for your baby for further learning.  This will help to develop your baby's language, help your baby's thinking skills, creativity and imagination accordingly.

7)  Toys :  choosing best education toys for your baby.  This will help your baby to develop his intelligence well.

8)  Exercise :  This will help improve your baby's body's healthy growth and good health.  It can also alert your baby's brain to be active in learning new things easily and quickly.

9)  Socialize :  If your baby has the opportunity to meet people of all ages regularly, this will help your baby to develop emotional intelligence (EQ).

10)  Your Love :  If the relationship of your family is filled with love, this will help your baby self-esteem and be very optimistic.  Your baby will be smart and confident in learning new things.

I quite believe that these 10 simple ways can help your baby smart.  Good luck !

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