Saturday, January 28, 2012

Top Ten Baby Gifts That New Mom Will be Glad

There are plenty of baby products to buy for new mom.  Choosing the right gift for new mom would make them feel very happy.

I, therefore, would like to suggest you here below top ten baby gifts that new mom will be glad :

1)  Clothes

Baby are naturally cute and he will be much cute if you choose nice, comfortable and suitable clothes for him; i.e. buying winter suit if baby will be born in the winter, as below:

2)  Colorful Toys

Soft and colorful toys with music would entertain baby a lot.  This would keep new mom have enough time to relax or do other things; i.e. housework, bathing, etc.

3)  Bathing Supplies

Buying complete kit; i.e. shampoo, lotion, mild soap, soft wash cloth (or sponge), hooded towel, etc.   These are very essential that new mom will need to keep her baby clean.  This gift will be practical as they are useful for bathing baby everyday.

4)  Blanklet

Baby will always have a snuggle buddy with this snuggle me elephant boa blanket. Comforting and friendly, this polka dot blanket is baby's first friend - featured here in sage and chocolate. Soft and cozy to provide baby with extra comfort.

5)  Bouncer seat

This will keep newborn and new mom be glad.

6)  Baby carrier

This will leave mom's arms free to do housework.  Besides, it will help strength mon-baby bond.  This is also a great gift that new mom will be glad.


7)  Soothing toys

This toy will soothe baby into a restful, relaxing nap or night of sleep.  This soft and adorable sleep time pal plays calming sounds that help drown out distracting noises and let baby drift into dreams.   So, this will also help new mom to sleep well and be more than glad to get it as a gift respectively.

8)  Baby mobile

The Fisher-Price Precious Planet Two-in-One Projection Mobile is unique among mobiles, because it combines music, plush animal figurines, and movement with a soft projection of light. Both entertaining and soothing, the Projection Mobile is perfect for playtime and rest time. 

9)  Stroller
This gift will help mom be more convenient when she goes shopping, jogging or going anywhere outside.

Contours Lite stroller’s compact and lightweight frame goes from planes, trains to automobiles with ease. The single front casters and large rear wheels steer clear of crowds or sidewalk bumps making 1-hand maneuverability a breeze.

10)  Soft toys

The Baby Einstein Octoplush is a soft, multi-textured, developmental plush toy. Young babies can hug Octoplush to hear a Baby Einstein melody and explore the textures for tactile development. 
As baby grows, colorful stitched satin patches on velour legs invite baby to learn color names through repetition. Squeeze each leg to hear color names in English, Spanish and French. Patterns of the color names are also printed on the underside of each leg in multiple languages. 
I am quite sure if you buy new mom one out of these top ten gifts, it will make her be very glad.  Good luck !

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