Saturday, June 4, 2011

Your Baby Cries, What to Do?

Naturally, every babies cry because it is the way of their communication to tell you for their requirement.  There are many reasons why your baby cries and you may like to know what to do.

Firstly, hunger is the main reason why your baby cries.  What you should do is to check and feed him immediately.

Moreover, if your baby's diaper is dirty, your baby would cry and what you should do is to change the diaper right away.

If your baby is tired, he needs sleep.  That's why he cries.  What you should do is to wrap him in a nice blanket and calm him with lullaby songs as well. 

Furthermore, when your baby cries, he may need to be warm because he hates to be too cold or too hot.  So, what you should do is to check and make sure that the room is kept at around 18 C.

Besides, if your baby has been changed and fed, but he still cries.  I think your baby may want to be held.  What you should do is to hold him closely and softly.

If your baby cries after feeding, he may need to burp because your baby swallows air when he breastfeeds or sucks from a bottle, and if the air isn't released it may cause some discomfort.  So, what you should do is to give him a good burp.

These are only main reasons why your baby cries, there are still other reasons that you may find by yourself while you nurse your baby closely.

I will be happy if you find these suggestion be helpful for you and believe that you know now what to do to calm or comfort your baby whenever he cries.  Good luck!

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