Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top Five Toys That Can Help Your Baby To Crawl Earlier

Normally, most babies start to crawl approx. 6 - 10 months.  This is one of the most important development of your baby and if you can find some toys that can help your baby to crawl earlier, that would be great. 

Choosing toys that are bright and can attact your baby's attention will be a good idea.  Your baby will then chase after the toys and will, of course, start to crawl earlier.

In the meantime, here below you will find top five toys that can help your baby to crawl earlier, for your choices :

1)  iPlay Press N Go Inchworm

This is a classic and safe baby toy to encourage your baby to crawl.   You can press down on Inchworm's back and watch him zoom across the floor.  The four wheels are colorful with moving beads.

2)  Yookidoo Crawl N' Go Snail

Your baby will be thrilled as he / she plays with International Play Thing Crawl N' Go Snail.  Your baby will be delighted as the musically battery-operated snail rolls along and spins its shell as it goes. Includes one shell that is also an engaging activity toy.  Your baby will be continuously infatuated with the toy that squeaks when its nose is depressed. Your baby will squeal with delight!

3)  Tiny Love Follow Me Fred

While you might be used to walking pets, the Follow Me Fred Baby Toy from Tiny Love is the pet that actually "walks" baby! A cute little pup with a colorful body, the Follow Me Fred Baby Toy is the electronic toy that gets baby crawling all around, following their new best friend. All your baby has to do is touch the Tiny Love Follow Me Fred Toy Dog to trigger forward movement, causing him to wag his tail and play a friendly tune as he begins to move forward. And while baby just loves to interact with Fred, adults will love that Fred features an accordion-style body for multi-directional movement, adjustable speed control, and various textures and sights for your baby to explore once he or she catches Fred. Follow Me Fred is a wonderful toy for developing coordination and fine motor skills, while further improving cognitive and emotional abilities.

4)  Sassy Pop N Push Car

Sassy Pop-n-Push Car inspires exploration and promotes cause and effect learning. It is fun to watch your baby pull the easy to grasp car back and watch the popping beads that hit the cars top. This brightly colored toy will encourage your baby in motor skill development accordingly.

5)  Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Crawl-Along Musical Ball

Ready, set, crawl!  Your baby will delight in chasing after this funny friend. As your baby bats at the ball or rolls it across the floor, the cheerful monkey balances on top. Silly sounds and music add to the excitement!

In short, as this is an exciting moment and great memory between you and your baby, I hope that this top five toys can help your baby to crawl earlier as well.  Good luck and enjoy spending the valuable time with your baby!

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