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Ten Favorite Baby Mirrors

Naturally, everybody likes to see himself in the mirror not exception even your new baby. He may wonder why he or someone stays there. Actually, the mirror should be a favorite toy of your new baby because he can explore his body happily through the mirror.  Besides, I believe that he can find the wonderful things on his face and will be fascinated.

This would be one of the most important development of your baby.  Therefore, buying best mirror for him would be a very great idea.  Here below are ten favorite baby mirrors recommended for you to select :

1)  Sassy Crib and Floor Mirror

Sassy Crib and Floor mirror inspires your baby's vision, touch, exploration and communication and manipulation skills with high contrast colors, character faces and simple patterns and realistic forms. Includes high contrast tracker ball for visual stimulation and perception. Textures and fun characters of lady bug and butterfly keep your baby's attention. Textured leaves offer fun peek-a-boo play. Easel back allows mirror to be used on floor or attaches to crib with elastic.

2)  Munchkin Sea Myself Crib Toy

Babies love to look at themselves in the mirror so we created one with a sea of fun activities and surprises. Hook it on to the crib for endless entertainment. It tilts to a downward position when your baby is lying down and also adjusts for upright play. You can even take it out of the crib for tummy time fun! Little hands can explore the sea to uncover crinkle and rattle sounds and some fishy spinners.

3)  Disney Pooh - Pooh First Mirror by Learning Curve

The First Mirror features brightly colored-fabric and a high-quality unbreakable, baby-safe mirror. A soft wedge supports baby during tummy time. Flexible adapter straps attach to a crib or stroller.

4)  Fisher-Price Precious Planet Crib-to-Floor Mirror

A smiling lion friend invites your baby to look in the mirror-sure to create more smiles. Attach it to your baby's crib to encourage self-discovery and exploration, with textures and four busy activities to explore. Soft feet to grasp and tug, a fleecy mane, and fun jingle, rattle and squeaking sounds. As your baby grows, you can move the lion to the floor for tummy time or sit-up play.

5) Alex Jr Cuddly Kid Mirror Toy

A soft and huggable companion baby can use in three ways. Attach to crib for mirror play. Sit up cuddly kid for tummy time play. Crawling is encouraged by laying him on his back. Crinkle sounds in the arms and legs.

6)  Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Musical Activity Mirror

Lots for your baby to see and do! A large, shiny mirror to play peek-a-boo, plus three fun ocean friends to play with. In the crib, your baby can tug at the toys to activate lights and music. Your baby can also play with the mirror on the floor -- batting at the toys makes the lights "dance" and music plays. Ocean friends include crinkle, peek-a-boo and teethable characters. Two fun tunes and three aquatic sound effects.

7)  Miracles & Milestones - Rhymes Go Round Mirror

The Fisher-Price Rhymes-Go-Round Mirror is the only crib mirror that encourages 4 different stages of baby's development! Styled as a sweet elephant with a mouse friend it offers lights, music and a fun motion.

In newborn mode, your baby's motion activates three tracking lights that softly pulse along the bottom of the mirror for visual stimulation and tracking, as well as 24 seconds of music. As your infant grows, parents can switch the mirror to baby mode to help develop coordination and motor control. As your baby begins to reach for the green pull-down handle, he is rewarded with a short little diddy, lights and the mouse "running" around the mirror.

Outside of the crib, parents can place the mirror upright on the floor for tummy play. The elephant's feet hold the mirror upright and reveal a black and white developmental pattern. Your little one can build neck and torso muscles while gazing in the mirror or at the intriguing patterns, and can activate the tracking lights with the touch of a hand. Lastly, once your baby can sit unassisted, the mirror can be placed down flat in front of your baby, and when he pulls on the green handle, he is rewarded with lights, music and mouse movement. A must-have developmental toy from Fisher-Price.

8)  Color Burst Mirror

Babies love mirrors, and this one features bright graphics all around the reflection to make self-discovery even more fun.  Your baby can play peek-a-boo with his reflection with this wonderfully unique mirror.  This toy can be propped up on the floor using its integrated stand, or attached securely to a crib or other surface with safe ties. 

9)   Sassy Baby Sweet Dreams Crib Mirror

Sassy Baby Crib Mirror lets your baby see himself in the mirror.    This mirror is great, safe and will adjust on the side of the crib.  Or you may hang it on the wall next to your baby's changing table to distract him during diaper changes.

10)  Lamaze Fishy Fun Crib Mirror

This big, colorful mirror attaches to the crib railing, either at your baby's eye level or above the bumper, to give your baby a terrific view of his own fascinating face. The durable plastic mirror is surrounded by a soft-fabric frame that has bright, high-contrast patterns designed to stimulate visual development. To help enhance fine motor skills there is a fish on the left side that can slide up and down and a sea horse on the right that has a curly tail just waiting to be pulled and stretched. At the bottom of the mirror is a clam shape filled with crinkly paper that plays peekaboo with the smiling pearl underneath it.

Choose one for your baby! The above baby mirrors will be the favorite toys of your baby, believe me!

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