Sunday, October 24, 2010

Top Ten Bath Books That Can Make Bath Time Fun

Apart from bath toys, bath books can also make bath time fun.   Your baby will enjoy seeing the bath books floating on the water.  Besides, its bright and beautiful colors can attract your baby interest as well.  Your baby will also love to chew the bath books and will later like to read it when he or she grows up.

Here below are lists of top ten bath books that can make bath time fun for your baby:

1)  Bath Time!

2)  Barnyard Bath

3)  Baby Einstein: Water, Water Everywhere

4)  Little Quack's Bath Book

5)  My First Word Bath Book (My First series)

6)  Textured Soft Shapes: High Tide

7)  Baby Einstein: What Floats: Splash & Giggle Bath Book (Baby Einstein)

8)  Busy Bath

9)  Elmo Wants a Bath (Bath Book)

10)  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish(Vinyl Bath Book)

These bath books as listed above can make bath time fun, choosing one item from these top ten bath books for your baby would be a great idea!

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