Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rubber Duck Bath Toys with Different Characters for Boys

Rubber duck bath toys usually bring your son much pleasure while he is surrounded with the ducks in the tub.  Especially, when the rubber duck bath toys come with different characters, they are all really cute and amazing!

If your son likes to collect rubber duck bath toys for the tub, please consider and buy him the following rubber duck bath toys which have different characters for boys.   He will certainly love all of them!

1)  Lone Ranger Rubber Duck Gag Gift by Celebriducks

Put "The Lone Ranger" in your son's tub, it will provide you and your son with countless hours of bathing fun.

2)  Fireman Rubber Duck

This firefighter will become the great friend of your son!

3)  Hockey Rubber Ducky

This ice hockey rubber duck will help your bathroom sport theme look perfect and your son will enjoy playing with it!

4)  Superhero Rubber Ducky

This super hero ducky is sporting a red cape and blue mask. This occupational theme rubber ducky makes great toy for bath.

5)  Motorcycle Biker Rubber Ducky

This rubber duck is very cute!

6)  Hollywood Film Producer Rubber Ducky

It is really great rubber duck bath toy!

7)  Train Conductor Rubber Ducky

Any little boy that loves Thomas the Tank engine or just trains in general, will love to play with this duck. Great toy for bath.

8)  Blue Hockey Rubber Duck

It will be matched with your bathroom sport theme perfectly!

9)  Firefighter Rubber Ducky

This rubber duck bath toy will be one of your son's best friend!

10)  Postal Carrier Rubber Ducky

This rubber duck bath toy will brighten your bathroom!

Playing with those rubber duck bath toys, your son will certainly love bathing than before!

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