Saturday, October 2, 2010

Decorating Your Baby Bathroom with Rubber Ducky Theme

Little rubber ducks are familiar with baby especially when bathing time since those ducks are very bright and cheerful.  Therefore, in my opinion, decorating your baby bathroom with rubber ducky theme would be really an excellent idea! 

There are plenty of bath accessories selling online that you can choose to decorate your bathroom perfectly.  Here below are some outstanding items for your choices :

1) Kangaroo's - Rubber Duck Baby Bath Toy (18-Pack)

This will make your baby's bath time fun and he/she will love to look at the different duckies!
2)  Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

You can be sure the bath water is just right for your baby without constant testing and guessing. Our award-winning inflatable tub has our special white hot dot that turns white when the water is too hot, then turns blue when it's just right. The adorable ducky tub has a contoured headrest and is fully padded for your baby's total comfort. It can be deflated and fold easily for travel. Ideal for babies between 6 to 24 months.

3)  Rin ABC's Rubber Duckies, Set of 26

Teach the alphabet with these cute and educational rubber ducks. There are 26 ducks for each 26 letters of the alphabet. Each duck has a letter on its belly that corresponds with its shape and design. The duck with the letter A is shaped like an angle and U is shaped like a unicorn. Duckies do not float upright

4)  Duck Tub Tattoos

These fun Tub Tattoo designs not only provide reliable non-slip protection, they're also a great addition to your bathroom decor. Stick them on the tub floor!

5)  ABELE (R) Duck Baby Kids Safety Tub Shower Non Slip BathMat, Mildew Mold Resistant Bathtub Mat, Vinyl (Yellow Duck)

FashionHome ABELE (R) Unique Non Slip Bath Mats combines safety, durability and fashion into the obvious choice for modern bathrooms. All ABELE(R) bath and shower mats are special-treated to be Mold and Mildew Resistant with the latest and most effective antimicrobial technology. Large collection of long / short / wide / narrow and pvc / rubber / cloth selections. Easy to clean if dirty due to normal use.

6)  Rubber Duck Family Bath Set (Set of 4) - Floating Bath TubToy (Set of 4)

7)  Fun Express 12 Mini Pirate Rubber Ducks Duckie Ducky PartyFavors Novelty (1 Dozen)

AHOY MATEY! This set of twelve pirate rubber duckies will delight any young child (or adult). Each pirate has unique attire. You will receive some combination of the following for a total of 12: duck holding telescope and wearing red hat with skull and cross bones; duck with blue vest, eye patch, and black hat; duck holding treasure map and wearing red and white head wrap; and duck with eye patch, holding gold coins, and wearing red hed wrap. 

Great fun in the bathtub, pool, or sandbox! These ducks have a hole in the beak for squirting water. These mini ducks measure 2". Great for party favors or table decor at children's birthday parties. They do not float upright.

8)  Duckymeter, the Baby Bath Floating Duck Toy and Bath TubThermometer

Introducing the Ducky meter, a Baby Bath thermometer built into a fun and safe Duck Bath Toy. The Ducky meter activates instantly in water with no annoying buttons or switches. The Ducky meter dynamically calculates the bath water temperature every second, and displays the temperature with 3 different color screens, with Blue indicating Cold, Red indicating Hot, and Green indicating Just Right. Compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, the Ducky meter is safe and fun both in and out of the bath. Ships with 3 AAA batteries included.

According to the listed items above, I do believe that decorating your baby bathroom with rubber ducky theme will brighten the look of your baby bathroom.

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