Sunday, October 10, 2010

Choosing baby bath mats for your baby

Baby bath mat is one of important things that you should consider to choose for your baby because it can protect your baby from slipping or falling while bathing.  

Baby bath mats can also help your baby to enjoy bathing than before, especially when he or she sees the baby bath mats with his or her favorite animals like duck, turtle, frog, fish or cute cartoon characters such as Elmo, Thomas The Tank, Disney Pixar Toy Story, Disney Princess, Spider Man, etc.

Following are lists of the above mentioned baby bath mats that I would like to suggest for your baby :

1)  Sesame's Elmo Bath Mat 'splish Splash'

2)  Thomas The Tank Bath Mat, Blue

3)  Spiderman Bath Mat, Red

4)  Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 Bath Mat, Blue

5)  Disney Princess Bath Tub Mat

6)  Duck Mini Bath Mat

7)  Froggie Bath Mat

8)  Fish Mini Bath Mat

9)  Turtle Mini Bath Mat

10)  Crab Mini Bath Mat

I do believe that choosing baby bath mats from those above items for your baby is a great way for the safety of your baby from any accident and create entertaining atmosphere in your bathroom as well. 

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  1. Excellent selection of mats to choose from. I love them all!