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Ten Great Baby Shower Favors

Although baby shower favors are not the main issues of your baby shower party, without them, your baby shower party will not be completed, I believe.  As in my opinion, the baby shower favor is the great way to thank all of your guests for attending your special baby shower party.   So, you will have to choose the great baby shower favors in order to appreciate your guests and make sure that they will remember your baby shower party for years.

At present, with all the help of internet, you can find various designs and styles of baby shower favors.  Here below are ten great baby shower favors for your choices :

1Kate Aspen "Li'L Saver Favor" Ceramic Mini-Piggy Bank in Gift Box with Polka-Dot Bow

This little piggy goes to your baby showers and takes the first-place ribbon for best favor.   These will certainly be a big hit at your baby shower!

2Kate Aspen Classic Baby Blocks Favor Boxes with Imprinted Ribbon - Set of 24, Pink

Build baby shower suspense and enchant your guests with baby shower favor boxes that sweetly celebrate the new baby, as well as an iconic baby toy. The first four letters of the alphabet appear on the pastel-pink or baby blue cardboard "block", and each block arrives with a matching, soft satin imprinted ribbon and bow that says "It's a Girl!" or "It's a Boy!" and a "For You" tag.

Stock each block chock-full of chocolates, Jordan almonds, your favorite candy or another tantalizing treat.   They are simple but really elegant.  Even the ribbon and the little note attached is so cute!

3Kate Aspen "Heaven Scent" Baby Powder Fresh Frosted Glass Votive

The frosted glass container holds a powder-fresh scented candle and is sure to win smiles with the adorable baby, arms stretched wide, as if to say "Hold me!". When guests take a closer look, they will love baby's potty humor...what baby really means is "Change me!". Everyone will get the joke once they see the dirty diaper drawing. This baby shower favor is a breath of fresh air that's "Heaven Scent".  They are very great and beautiful indeed!

4Kate Aspen "About To Pop" Popcorn Favor Box - Set of 24

Just like the popcorn box we get at the movie theater, only this time, a new mom is the star of the show. Just fill them with a sweet treat or, to truly make it authentic, why not fill these adorable favor boxes with real popcorn kernels so guests can pop a bowl of popcorn at home.

5Kate Aspen "World's Gratest Mom" Cheese Grater in Gift Box with Organza Bow

This baby shower favor is beautifully displayed in a clear gift box that says "World's Greatest Mom", all accented by a lovely, sheer organza bow and a "For You" tag.  Though millions of moms throughout the world are great, tell your new mom she's "grater!". These merry moms in their cheese-grater "dresses" will dress up your baby shower tables delightfully and surprise your guests with their originality and charm.

Standing in front of colorful backdrop, the cute, cardboard cutout of "mom" appears to have "baby belly" that's actually the white handle of the stainless-steel cheese grater, which features three hole sizes for fine and coarse grating.

6Kate Aspen "Sweet As Can Bee" Ceramic Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper

Just how sweet can a baby bee? Sweet as honey, as you can see. Bee-hold a honey of a favor that's perfect for celebrating the newbaby. Bee-sides its practicality, this ceramic honey pot is bee-yond cute, and it simply bee-longs at the baby shower.  It is so cute!

7Kate Aspen "Love Beyond Measure" Measuring Tape Keychain in Sheer Organza Bag - Heart

A gift to be enjoyed by all. Not only will these creative favors look splendid at a place setting, but your guests will find them as a useful tool to have around the house.

It is a nice and perfect little baby shower favor; something for someone who needs a tape measure. carpenter, seamstress, scientist, etc. retracts with a pushbutton and is waterproof. very light and comes in a cute little bag.  

8Kate Aspen "It's About Time - Baby Is Brewing" Teapot Timer

Brew up a good time at the baby shower with this teapot timer. This baby shower favor is a whimsical reminder that it's about time for the new mom to give birth.

This adorable keepsake features a dainty little tea kettle with a timer that twists at the bottom to countdown any interval of time from one to 60 minutes.

9Kate Aspen "Baby's First Bottle" Filled-Glass Candle with Adorable Bib Tag - Set of 4, Blue

This little favor is just what baby ordered with a secret style sure to please your guests. Bottle has a removable pink or blue top that reveals a lightly floral scented candle in an elegant glass base. Your guests will love its practicality from candle-lit dinners to relaxing bubble baths, an adorable favor that your guests will use and enjoy.

10Kate Aspen "Bun in The Oven" Scented Candle - Set of 4

Fresh-baked enchantment. The captivating scent of cinnamon is as sweet as your celebration, making this clever baby shower favor a crowd-pleasing morsel that's impossible to forget.  It is very cute and perfect for your baby shower party.

I'm quite sure that the ten great baby shower favors as described above will delight your guests and bring good memories with them when they return homes as well.

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