Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Best Books Recommended for Your Child

Reading books to your child is a wonderful form of entertainment.  Reading will help develop your child's brain.  Your child can learn many different words, visit a lot of places and experience the lives of all sorts of different characters.

Stories with animals as characters are very popular because they often have human character.   Here below you will find sample of best books which I would like to recommend you to read to your child :

1Leapfrog Tag Activity Storybook Miss Spider's Tea Party

The story is about Miss Spider asking her fellow bugs in for tea.  With its amazing touch technology, the Tag Reader makes learning to read an exciting experience as words talk, pictures sing and stories live out loud.  Miss Spider's Tea Party introduces your child letter names, word building, compound words and numbers.  Your child will have a lot of fun with this tag book.

2Leapfrog Tag Activity Storybook Kung Fu Panda: Po's Tasty Training

Your child will enjoy the story and cheer for Po as he eats and trains to become a Kung Fu Panda. But will Master Shifu be able to transform Po into an awesome Kung Fu master? 
The book is very awesome.

3Where Is Baby's Birthday Cake?: A Lift-the-Flap Book (Lift-The-Flap Book (Little Simon))

It's Baby's birthday, but where is his cake? Your child will love lifting the large, sturdy flaps to find Baby's birthday cake in this book.  Your child will discover sparkly foil objects under each flap until he/she finally find Baby's yummy, shimmery birthday cake on the final page of this adorable new title.  This book is very colorful and filled with lots of cute surprises.

4Llama Llama Red Pajama

This is an excellent beginning reader and an excellent one to read at bed time with your child.  The illustrations are really great.

5Sam Sheep Can't Sleep (Easy Words to Read)

It is quite easy and fun to read!    It will give your child the self-esteem he/she needs to do it on his/her own.  It is the best book indeed!

6Frog on a Log (Usborne Phonics Readers)

This book is about a frog that sits on a log by the bog. He suddenly jumps over the bog with one big hop and starts to jog. When the frog stops jogging it's foggy outside and a dog appears. The dog starts running and bumps into the log causing the frog to fall off the log. Frog gets up and gets back onto his log and along comes Pig through the fog. Pig is looking for the dog, but he bumps into frog's log causing frog to fall into the bog. The next day its sunny and frog straps himself onto the log, Pig and dog push the log and it falls into the bog with Frog tied to it.

This book would be wonderful to teach your child about phonics and the different sounds.

7Goose on the Loose (Phonics Board Books)

The book is with great stories and adorable pictures.  It is very easy to read and give a lot of fun for your child.

8Fox on a Box (Usborne Phoics Readers)

This is a great book for your child.  Easy to read!

9Fat Cat on a Mat (Easy Words to Read)

Fat Cat finds himself in a tree and becomes responsible for the eggs in a birds' nest. Fat Cat's friends want him to play but he declines as he is helping the little birdies hatch from the eggs.  Your child will love the stories and illustrations.
10)  Shark in the Park (Usborne Phonics Readers)

The story is fun and the illustrations are cute.

As you would see, those books are all best books which are highly recommended for your child.

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