Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bath Time Toys That Will Delight Your Baby

Bath time shall be a happy time for your baby, especially while he / she plays with his / her favourite bath time toys.  We can say that bath time toys will delight your baby, provide a lot of entertainments or bring lots of enjoyment for your baby during his / her bath time.

Bath time toys can make your baby's bath time not only fun but a great learning experience as well, i.e. help your baby to play and learn at the same time.  Besides, bath time toys help your baby's motor skills; i.e. encourage your baby's hand-eyes coordination.

Bath time toys should be easy for your baby's little hands to grasp and the toys should be easy to clean as well.  Some bath time toys can squeeze and chew.  Some bath time toys have bright colors that can attract your baby's attention and can certainly offer a great way to get your baby started on learning colors.  Some bath time toys become educational.  Besides, your baby will have a creative and playful experience with bath time toys.   No matter what bath time toys serve for,  they will certainly keep your baby busy during his / her bath time indeed.

Here below are some samples of bath time toys that will delight your baby :

1Sassy Soft Swimmers Animal Characters

2Sassy Counting Friends Bath Toy

3Munchkin Ten Squirtin Sea Buddies

 4Alex Jr Tub Joy Quacky Cups  Bath Toy

5Munchkin Snail Stacker Bath Toy

In short, I think those bath time toys will fascinate and delight your baby as well.  They will certainly become your baby's favourite toys to play while bathing.   And I can guarantee that with those bath time toys, your baby  will never want to leave the tub.

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