Saturday, January 30, 2010

Top Five Jumpers for Your Baby

When your baby is older enough to be able to hold his / her head up unassisted, and he / she is so active and has a lot of energy, you may think about and look for something that can help him / her to get some good exercise; something that can help him / her get stronger.  Normally, most babies love jumping, so choosing good jumper for your baby would certainly be a great idea.  Here below are top five jumpers for your baby per your review:

1Fisher-Price Rain Forest Jumperoo

Introduce your baby to this safe and comfortable jumper.  It has bright colors and provide fun music with a lot of exiting sights and sounds. Your baby can sit and play for several minutes so you can take a short break.  

It will stimulate your baby with interactive play options.  Your baby will enjoy playing with various animals and toys; i.e. a bobbling elephant, a monkey swinging from a vine, a parrot hanging from a bead bar, a clear spinning bead ball, a tiger that plays hide and seek, a spinning lizard that makes ratting sound, a tethered chew toy and a stack of chips with eye-catching graphics for your baby to explore.  

He / she will jump to try to reach and grape those things that will help him / her develop eye-hand coordination as well.  Moreover, it can help encourage your baby's healthy development; i.e. moving, spinning and jumping can help your baby to create larger motor skills. 

With sounds, lights, and the opportunity for plenty of movement, the Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo is a fun, entertaining way for baby to develop crucial motor skills. Designed with a sturdy, freestanding base, the Jumperoo features a spinning seat with plenty of bright, colorful toys to touch, tug, and pull. 

The seat height is adjustable to grow with baby while soft spring covers are safe for little fingers. Best of all, the Jumperoo rewards baby's jumping with lights, sound effects and music so baby is encouraged to keep jumping.

Bouncy jumperoo fun for baby in a portable, space-saving design that folds flat. Baby's favorite Fisher-Price Woodland Friends are ready to play on the soft-sided activity toy arch-with even more hands-on fun right at baby's fingertips. 

There's a colorful, light-up rainbow-key piano to play, a wiggly-jiggly froggy teether to chew, a clacker ring bar with 3 colorful rings to slide back and forth, and a caterpillar to click-click-click. And that's not all. 

Because baby's natural jumping and kicking actions send the seat bouncing up and down with lights, sounds and music to reward baby's jumping.

Introducing a brand new way for baby to jump, walk and play! First, it’s a free-standing jumper, rewarding every bounce and move with music, lights and sounds. 

The seat spins 360 degrees so your little one can see all around. The frame also extends to let baby walk back and forth, taking their first steps! Colorful, busy toys include a bat-at birdie, butterfly bead bar and more. Plush seat pad is machine washable and dryer safe.

Little ones will jump with delight as they explore the neighborhood with their favorite Baby Einstein friends. The neighborhood friends activity jumper special edition has 12 plus activities that surround babies and encourage 360 degrees of fun multi-sensory experiences. 

The electronic piano has lights, volume control, and three modes: classical melodies, piano key tones, and language discovery in English, French, and Spanish. Other fun activities include a spinning frog bead chaser, spinning rattle drum with beads and a mirror, and more. It also includes additional link loops to add some of baby's favorite toys. The secure support seat provides extra support for little ones, and with five height settings the jumper grows with baby. Start exploring.

As you can see, those jumpers can help and prepare your baby for standing and walking by exercising his / her legs muscles while he / she jumps on those jumpers.  Apart from good exercise, those jumpers can also provide some great entertainment for your baby as well.  Let's your baby jump!  Good luck!

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