Friday, December 25, 2009

How to Encourage Your Baby to Crawl

Crawling is one of the greatest steps after your baby learned to sit without support and roll.  We can say that it is the first way that he/she can get around by himself/herself.  Generally, babies show sign of crawling approx. 6 - 10 months, they will learn to balance on their hands and knees accordingly.  Most of them crawl before they walk.  Some start to crawl earlier or later than the age, it's up to their own development.  But, if your baby doesn't show any sign of crawling at the age of 12 months, you may have to take him/her to the doctor to check about his/her development accordingly.

In the meantime, if you are much concerned on this, here below are some ways to encourage your baby to crawl.  The most important one is tummy time.  You may buy play gym/mattress, as listed below, to keep your baby occupied when he/she is on his/her belly.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym 

This gym will help your baby develp his/her important step of crawling.  You may place him/her on his/her stomach for some back-strengthening "tummy time".  He/she would certainly tolerate tummy time better than when he/she is on the little pillow.  It would make his/her tummy time more fun.

Lamaze Spin & Explorer Garden Gym

Your baby will spin around on his/her tummy comfortably.  This gym will encourage your baby's physical development as he/she works to strengthen upper body and lower legs muscles which is necessary for crawling as well.  Besides, he/she will enjoy lots of squeaky, crinkly and tactile fun.

Once your baby is strong enough to crawl independently, you can continue to encourage him/her crawling on the floor.  To gain enough muscles control to crawl, he/she would need time to play on floor.  Good practising is necessary to keep him/her strength.  Don't put him/her in bouncy chair too much as he/she will not have a chance to develop his/her crawling skill.

Another way to encourage your baby to crawl is to put his/her favorite toys slightly out of reach.  It is considered as the best way to encourage your baby to crawl from one place to another.  To help him/her to improve confidence, you may put pillow on the ways between him/her and the toys.  You may talk to, amuse and encourage him/her during his/her trying and help him/her if he/she gets stuck under the pillow.  Give him/her a big hug when he/she could finally reach the toys.

To help your baby improve his/her speed, you may need some toys as listed below:

Lamaze Mirror Crawl Toy

You can encourage your baby to crawl with this rainstick beads and a big baby safe mirror with flashing lights and circus music.  Each side of the toy features a different pattern for visual stimulation.  It is a very cute and a colorful toy with fun sounds which grab your baby's attention and that will keep him/her going and going.  You will watch him/her crawling happily while persuing this thrilling roll-along toy.

Fisher-Price Go Baby Go / Crawl-Along Musical Ball

Your baby will be happy when chasing this funny toys with an adorable monkey balancing on the toy of a bright color ball.  He/she will enjoy crawling around after it and hitting it all around.

Seeing your baby crawling for the first time is very wonderful moment.  Let's start and go ahead with the above mentioned ways, these will certainly entertain and encourage your baby to crawl.  The last question that you would keep in mind now "Are you ready to chase your baby all over the house?"  Good luck!

If you are looking for those kinds of toys that will encourage your baby to crawl, please visit: Lamaze Toys and Fisher Price Toys accordingly.

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