Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Costumes for Your Baby's First Halloween

It will be a lot of fun and much exciting when we think of dressing up our baby for his/her first Halloween.  Although, he/she doesn't really know what Halloween Costume you choose for him/her, you will certainly have to consider the most adorable and best design costume for him/her, right?  Here below are some lists of Halloween Costume for your baby's first Halloween.

1)  Butterfly Costume


      This is very adorable costume.  It will be a perfect time to take ton of photos now.

2)  Lady Bug Costume


      Your baby will look so cute as a bug with the charming red and black Lady Bug Costume.

3)  Chili Pepper Costume


      Your baby will be so cute in this adorable Chili Pepper Costume.

4)   Mermaid Costume


       It is so cute......for your little mermaid!

5)    Pumpkin Costume

        Your baby will really look like a Halloween pumpkin!  It's very perfect for your baby.

6)    Pod Halloween Costume

       It is absolute adorable costume.

7)   Lobster Baby Costume

       It's an amazing costume.

8)    Baby Pink Bunny Costume

        This costume is absolutely adorable.

9)    Scooby-Doo Buting Costume

        Your little one will look so cute in this costume.

10)   Baby Bat Costume

         This is a super cute costume.

No matter you choose which one of those mentioned Halloween for your baby, the most important thing to consider is whether the costume is comfortable and safe for him/her or not.  If you would like to see some more Halloween Costumes for your baby's first Halloween, please visit: Halloween Costumes for Your Baby's First Halloween.  Have a nice time with your family on Halloween!



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