Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to Make Bath Time Fun for Your Baby

Bath time is a great and special opportunity for parents and their babies to spend a lot of fun together. Generally, most babies usually love bath time, but some may not. How about your baby? Would you like to know how to make bath time fun for your baby? Here below are some interesting tips for you to review.

Filling the bath tub with bubbles and let your baby play with bubbles. Your baby will splash the water with fun.

You may sing nice and fun songs while bathing your baby. It would be an enjoyable time for both of you.

Taking a bath with your baby would make bath time much more fun for your baby. It is also wonderful bond experience between you and your baby.

Making bath time a fun and creative experience by using bath toys. These will turn your baby's bath time into playtime and entertain your baby as well. With bright and variety of colors and shapes will help to amuse your baby so much. Besides, this will also be a great way to get your baby started learning colors, shapes, numbers or the alphabets as it is known that most babies learn best when they are enjoying themselves.

The best bath toys should be easy for your baby to grip and play with. Here below are some examples of outstanding and interesting bath toys:

- Rubber Ducks: they are simple but perfect to keep your baby entertained during his/her bath time. It will be a fun time to play with those cute ducks.

- Floatable Boat with Adorable Sea Animals such as the cute squirting fish, the sprinkle octopus, the sea horse and the lobster water scoop.

- Rub-a-Dub Tub: three friendly sailors pop out of the floating tub. The sail is a useful water scoop with a nice two-tone shistler in the mast.

- Scoop, Pour 'N Squirt Fish: all kids love to scoop and pour water while playing in the tub!

Your baby will certainly play endlessly and get crazy with happiness when playing with his/her favorite bath toys. You will for sure hear the amazing laugh from your baby during his/her bath time. Enjoy bath time with your baby. Believe me, following the above mentioned tips, you can make bath time fun for your baby and then he/she will of course look forward to his/her bath time everyday.

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