Friday, July 31, 2009

How to Help Your Baby Learn to Walk

Since your baby was born, he/she had done a lot of wonderful things, i.e. first roll, sit, crawl and stand. For another important step, he/she has to learn to walk. Generally, most of babies take their first steps between 9 and 13 months old. Some may take longer until age 17 months old. It may be up to their environment. Here below are some interesting tips to help your baby learn to walk.

The easiest way to encourage your baby by yourself is kneeing in front of him/her and hold out your hands. You may place his/her favorite toys out of his/her hands to cheer him/her to walk in order to reach the toys. Walking behind him/her and hold on his/her hands would be also helpful. When he/she is brave enough, you may hold him/her on one hand accordingly.

Walking by barefoot will help your baby to improve his/her balance and condition. He/she will walk better without shoes. Therefore, it's not necessary to buy him/her any excellent or perfect pairs of shoes for his/her first step.

Don't forget to give him/her a lot of praise for each successful step or when he/she attempts to take a step.

Reward him/her with special things such as his/her favorite toys, cookies, etc.

Help him/her to have a lot of exercise.

Another one interesting tips to boost your baby confidence before his/her ready to do it on his/her own is toys. For example, baby push along toys. Some of those toys have different learning modes that helps keep him/her play fresh and full of education, i.e. teaching on shapes, colors, animals, music and more, etc. Most of those kinds of toys are excellent to help your baby learn to walk.

No matter which way you choose to help your baby learn to walk, don't practice him/her too hard or expect any perfect success at the very beginning.

In the meantime, if your baby shows no interest or resistance for his/her first try, do not scold him/her as it will make him/her scare to try. Please wait until he/she is ready to walk again.

Helping your baby learn to walk is one of the most exciting times for you. It's not quite easy but it's not too hard to do either. With your great help, he/she could finally learn to walk perfectly and successfully. It's such a memorable day indeed when seeing his/her first step.

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